Membership Benefits include:
• Subscription to Rotarian Magazine
• Rotary Lapel Pin
• Avenue for community service, fun and fellowship!

Obligations of a Member of Rotary:
• Attendance at weekly club meetings
• Service through participation in club projects and activities
• Financial Support through quarterly dues of $165. This includes breakfast

Additional responsibilities include:
• Securing programs along with another member for normally a one month period. This is normally once a year.
• Wear your Rotary lapel pin with pride on days of Rotary meetings
• Share personal and professional accomplishments with “Good News Bucks” at weekly meetings. This should include anniversaries, new grandkids, appearing in the news, TV, newspaper, etc. and basically anything that you really are proud of and want to share.

Classification Speech
Once your application is accepted, you will be asked to do your Classification Speech. This doesn’t happen right way. We want you to get familiar with the club and our members first. Generally a month or so after join you will do your Classification Speech. The purpose of the presentation is to help our members get to know you, as well as learn about how you hope to serve the community through your membership. Content includes your personal and professional background, and your experiences with community service.

How Do I Become a Member?
After attending a meeting as a guest of the Club, you can complete a membership application which then goes before the Board of Directors. Upon acceptance by the Board, your application goes before the club membership for a general vote. Upon an affirmative vote by a majority of attending members, your membership is official.

Click Here for Membership Application

You can complete the application on your computer, print it and send it to us.