To help and strengthen Youth and Families

The Eau Claire Morning Rotary Club was established in 1988 with a purpose of supporting youth in our community. To advance that mission, the Eau Claire Morning Rotary Fund has been established. Contributions to the ECMR Fund will further the efforts of programs and organizations affecting the lives of children and youth.

Our club donates about half of the funds we raise to a program called First Connections by the Family Resource Center. The program is intended to first time parents of newborns to help them be better prepared as a parent.

If your nonprofit organization would like to apply for assistance from the ECMR Fund, please complete the application on this site and explain how you will use the funds and how this will help the Youth in our Community.

If you have questions, you will find contact information on the form.

Application Form

Eau Claire Morning Rotary has helps other non-profits with donations for their projects for the Youth in our

Community and since the beginning of the Eau Claire Morning Rotary Fund, our donations have greatly
increased. In 2017 we donated over $10,000 to area non-profits.

Eau Claire Morning Rotary Mission
The Eau Claire Morning Rotary Club will work hard to help support youth and families in need through
programs and fundraising events. We do this to help foster a culture of positive youth and healthy family
development primarily in the Chippewa Valley.